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The Savannah cat was introduced using  a Serval cat male back in the 1980's. .It had bred to a domestic female-hence the name savannah.  The Savannah cat is a fun loving, inventive, wonderful temperament, family oriented, highly intelligent, even ingenious, playful, charming, and intensely energetic, always on the go cat that you won't find resting very often. These wonderful cats are extremely active.  They are apt to follow owners around the house, play fetch and exhibit other intelligent behaviors.  Your Savannah cat will demand your attention and keep you entertained and amused with their antics. The majority of Savannah cats range in size from 8lbs to 13lbs depending on the generation. Savannahs look like they weigh more than they do with their long lean bodies, long legs, and large ears.   They also posses a great ability to jump to very high places and can be extraordinary escape artists. Savannahs are known to have lots of energy and often get along well with other pets such as cats and dogs.

Picture of Max when he was young


Savannah breeders recommend only a premium cat food.  Savannah cats can be treated by any small animal veterinarian.  They however are more sensitive to certain anesthetic drugs. Also, most breeders believe that only killed virus vaccines should be used in Savannahs if any at all due to their natural immunity.



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( Savannah's are recognized as a domesticated cat with the TICA The International Cat Association since 1996.) 

Watch Cats 101 video below.

Cats 101 Savannah

Savannah kittens with toys

Savannah kittens playing 



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