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Welcome to the World of Exotic Cats!

Breeder of Savannahs and Bengals

Now also in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota

The  longest standing breeder in the 5 state area 

Breeding for over 12 years. 

Noted for True Savannah to Savannah breeding &  breeding  Bengals  .


All my cats/kittens are Registered with The International Cat Association ( TICA)

Also having High quality & Strong blood lines Back to 5 Generations

 male F 5 SBT savannah kitten born 3-1-19

Mother: Kashette F 4 C

Father: sir Nero F 5 C

Pictures are now up.He has excellent  spots,. great ear type and nice shading of the oceli behind the ear. Doing well and getting big. He is so out going and loves attention!

female F 5 C  kitten born 3-23-19

Mother : Nala F 5

Father Sir: Nero F 5C

This beautiful girl has quite the unique coloring with her silver face, spots ,great ear type and nice shading of the oceli behind the ear. . discovering her legs now.

these 2 beautiful kittens are still waiting to be adopted to their forever homes. will be ready in june.


or call for any random photos

More information under Savannah kittens for sale

Aurora my F 4 SBT bengal had kittens 4-7-19


Savannah & bengals have such wonderful personalties. They bond quickly with their new family's. Their need to belong and loved is high, and do well with children and other pets. Very happy kittys all the time and keep you guessing on what their thinking. Such a majestic breed to have-so loving-with having that exotic look.




Notice:  On 11-5-18 Two very good/reputable breeders with-in our 2 state area contacted me that  two people from Mn ( calling themselves midwest  savannahs - which I am not associated with ) Had  stolen word by word  information off my website to better themselves  & part of my cattery name . ( Thank you for letting me know on this)  People have done this to other breeders and we post this information on our sites. This is a copy right of infrigment and a federal offense . They have been reported showing  proof / documention to Adminstrators, patrick kelley founder of savannah cat & bengal.com , Leslie Bowers of TICA..  Other breeders are aware of this information. Being a breeder of any animal takes, care ,compassion,.dedication, experience , good knowledge of the breed,( especially in deliveries)plan on un-occured expensives and the list continues.  The health and well being of our animals is the most important !!
We encourge people to contact us . To answer any questions you may have to get the proper information you are  looking for.  We will help & support any good breeder. Thank you!

A nice note from Patrick under testimonials



4-3-19 Finally - good news. the Attorneys Generals office and other authorities are looking into this person and others. We breeders are posting this information to let people know whats going on.   A person by the initals of TS in cambridge mn and claims to be apart of other citys. Sold a kitten again to a person and it died a few days later. This person also sells other pets ( some illegal) and the same issues always arise. ( health issues) People that have boughten from her & others -past & present have filed police reports and breeders have sent in several compliants to adminstrators / animal control and the list continues. Please be aware of her and what she keeps getting away with & others. Also maybe going under the name of Teri's petting zoo. As well as ( JT out of blaine mn) (RC out of N.D.) & (TWH-out of Iowa) & the list continues on these scammers and  back yard breeders, buy-sell & traders, etc.. Just out-there to make a doller-not knowing at all what there doing. And the health and welling being of the animal is not taken into conderation. They are on the Beware Pets For Sale In MN. WI,ND,IA& SD as well as others.  The savannah breed & bengals have been most affected by this. People thinking they know everything about breeding.. Please contact a good/reputable breeder to answer any questions you may have regarding these two majestic breeds. Especially the Savannah. We enjoying talking with people regarding these two beautiful breeds & others.





please call for more information Or Questions 

Thank you !

Deb Johnson 651-775-2997



I dont use any bengal studs in my savannah breeding program

I believe in keeping the Savannah pure

A Savannah is a spotted cat.



   Savannahs are not a wild cat, and do very well Children and with smaller or larger pets. Savannahs & Bengals enjoy having buddies. My savannahs & bengals Kittens have done very well with children that may have a disabilty.  ( To truly understand both these majestic breeds)  It is very important to myself as well as  other breeders that we keep in contact with all our customers/repeat buyers hearing how our kittens are doing in their new loving homes .

Good reputable breeders help out ,& care  regarding the health  and well being of the kitten's we adopt out. We encourge those that adopt our kittens to be in contact with us. We also obey  and up-hold the code of Ethic's from the TICA

 that these kittens are required to have at least 2 distemper shots and a health check-up




Midwest Mysticals Owner Deb Johnson was honored to have a International filming crew here in September for 2 days doing a documentary on this Majestic breed both Savannahs & Bengals.  It was aired the latter part of November (2013) in Paris France and England. This documentary is going to be re-aired in Paris France & England 2015 with new footage of my savannahs and Bengals


I was very excited to hear that one of my kittens (Aaber) purchased from my cattery made it to the semi-finals ( 2013) on you-tube  for a Doritos Commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl Game. She was  picked for her wonderful personality & spots.



I'm very excited with  newest addition's to Midwest Mysticals

2-  F 4 C Female from Tamarac Exotics with Excellent blood lines.

LT  1 savannahs out of Alabama

& Clawed Monet featured on savannah cat  from tennesse .

more information on savannah cat kittens for sale



If your interested in what my breeders produce check out past Kittens and Fun photos.

It very important to me that my kittens are in good loving homes, to enjoy and understand these beautiful majestic breeds and how loving they are.


Check out the new fun photo page!

A Bit About Us: I've been breeding Savannahs & bengals for over 12 years.  I have a beautiful hobby farm  in central Wisconsin and the other in  Minnesota. Natural, spring-fed creeks that gently wind throughout the property's add charm and grace to my home's.   Animals have been my passion for over 30 years. I worked at a veterinary clinic for over  10 years, where I cared for both small and large animals.Then worked with exotic pets-with the knowlege I have.  Now I'm a  semi-retired vet tech.  I am registered with the TICA as well as with FCF.Besides the Savannahs, I own two Egyptian Maus, Two Bengals,  and horses. Savannah & Bengals Cats have always fascinated me. Having that exotic look, coupled with great temperament, makes them a great animal have in the family with children and with other pets.  After searching all over the United States both past & present  I have found beautiful females & Males from top breeding lines; A-1 savannahs, Select Exotics, Kirembo savannahs out of California. , FuzionKatz,  & now Tamarac Exotics   My 2  Studs are  Sir Nero & Mr. Mr. Both F 5 C's, And proven males. Both have excellent bloodlines out of the top 5 breeder's in the US.  A true Savannah is spotted. A Bengal can be spotted, rosetted or a marble.    (My  Cattery does only Savannah to Savannah Breeding


This cattery is PK negative


Deb Johnson


email address midwestmysticals@yahoo.com


Go to the Savannah page to watch the Cats 101 video on the Savannah cats.




I'm a proud member of the Feline Conservation Federation* 
Also, A proud member to be Bengal cat Club Certified Breeder
Bengal Cat Club
updated 4-3-19