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Savannah Kittens for Sale


Please call (651) 775-2997 if you have any questions or email me at midwestmysticals@yahoo.com

If your interested in seeing what my breeders produce-go to past kittens and fun photos.

 male kitten F5 SBT born on 3-1-19

Mother Kashette F 4 C

Father sir Nero F 5 C

pictures of the boy are below.


female F 5 C kitten born 3-23-19

Mother :Nala F 5

Father : Sir Nero: F 5 C

these 2 kittens kashettes and nalas are still looking for their forever homes. ready in june.

This will be Nalas last batch-she will be retired and staying here.

she has produces awesome kittens!

 Nalas girl at 3 weeks-very nice Coloring and spots!


I have reduced my adoption prices. ( Even though my prices have been the same for years-questions on the quality of kittens I have adopted out - go to my testimonial page) But my 2 beautiful breeders peacon and Bree had delivered more kittens than their usual past batchs. . So cute!!! Healthy ,and doing well with moms.  I'm more concerned that my kittens be in good loving homes.  (breeding the higher quality lines in the pure savannahs is not cheap ! and there are allot of other factors involved.)

Thank you ! I enjoy talking with people & and answering any questions they may have.


 F 5 SBTS' & F 5 C's

from peacon & bree

Pictures coming soon or call for random ones.

thank you






Nalas kitten.


female F 5 C kitten born 3-23-19-she is in the fuzzes or furbies as we call it. Hard to see her spots. Changing color into more of the silver  Very Nice  oceli behind the ear.  Doing well with mom and getting allot of  moms milk. changing everyday. Loves to hear my voice.




Kashettes  Kitten 5 weeks



Kashettes  kitten 3 weeks old


 Kashette's kitten at 5 days. born 3-1-19 up for adoption -  Mom and kitten are doing well and changing everyday . Beautiful brown coat with dark spots. ( spots coming out more everyday)  He has such a nice shading of the Oceli behind the ear. Playing all the time & loves attention!!!  Nice size kitten! .  If your interested call me or email for some random photos..



I'm very excited about my newest Additions to Midwest Mysticals

Peacon & Kashette-pictures under the breeder category.

 Two F 4 C Kittens from Tamarac Exotics Will producing more C's & SBT's in the year 2018

She is out of LT  F 1 Savannah ( Tennesse) - Peanut F 3 C

Mother is Clawed Monet Storm  F 2 B

From Clawed Monet savannahs in Alabama

Father is Wesa Lucas F 7 C

From Wesa Savannahs Nevada

Peanut was bred to Blu-a Licious out of 

Fuzionkatz Cabos out of Midwest mysticals

With lines going back out of  Drink water Savannahs from Florida 

All my breeders going back to 4 & 5 generations have very strong & high-quality lines.

 If you're interested in what my breeders produce go to Past Kittens and Fun Photos.



  Savannahs do very well with children and other pets. Their very loving and enjoy a lot of attention.  A wonderful breed to be a part of your family.

A true Savannah is spotted

A 500.00 dollar Deposit is required to hold your new kitten.


All kittens will have 2 distemper shots & a health exam done before going to their new loving home

page updated 4/17/19


To help summarize the F generation & Letters

F 1 is the highest and will carry at least 50% serval

the higher the number the lower serval % they will carry

The letter after the "F"  A means one parent is an (outcross-another breed)

B means the parents are savannahs

C means Parents and Grandparents

SBT means parents, grandparents & Great-grandparents are savannahs

If you have any questions to further summarize this Please call. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This cattery is PK negative







Typical Savannah Kitten Prices


  • SBT'S $1,600-$1,900
  • F5-C $1,500.-$1,800


  • SBT'S $1,600-$1,900
  • F5-C $1,500-$1,800
  • Ask  for breeder prices

Prices are determined on generation, spots and ear type.

Good quality Savannahs are not inexpensive in that you will find you get what you pay for. As a breeder I invest a lot of time in raising each of these high quality kittens.

Please call if you have any questions. (651) 775-2997.