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Below are a few Testimonials from the proud owners of a Midwest Mystical's Kitten.


Hi Debbie

It was so nice to see you again when we picked up our kitten. She is amazing!!!!! She is Such a love with our family and other pets. thank you very  much!!! for a wonderful kitten!!!!

Happy Holidays

will be in touch

Josh and family


Hi Debbie

thank you for welcoming us into your home. Our family had such a fun time playing with your kittens and visiting with you. We could see all the time and care you put into your kittens. And why you are highly recommend as a breeder. Were so excited in getting our new kitten from you.

thank you

Josh and family


Hi Deb

So much fun seeing you again. I'm so glad I got another kitten from you. She is so sweet!! and a joy to have !! I'm always amazed how quickly they adapt to their new surroundings. You put allot of time into your kittys.

thanks again!

grant and the furry gang


Hey Deb

I'm so glad a friend of ours recommend in getting a kitten from you. It amazed us how quickly she fitted right in with us and our home. Will always recommend you!!!!

Thank you!  will be in touch

shae & Jacob


Hi Deb

It was so nice seeing you again.! You are the most amazing person and breeder!! So happy to get another kitten from you. Such beautiful savannahs and bengals you have.  Will always be in touch.!!

Troy, sedona,pixie and willow.


Hi Deb

Zeus is doing great!! what a wonderful savannah I adopted from you. He loves everyone, fetchs and I've taught him how to sit. I always tell my friends who to go to if your looking for a loving / healthy  kitten whether savannah or Bengal. Such beautiful kittens and cats you have! And the care you put into them. A wonderful breeder who knows what thier doing.

Take Care

Grant &  Zeus


hello Debbie

George and Gracie are doing awesome. I've already taught them to be on harness's and starting to go  places with me.. You are truly an amazing person & breeder.. And the time and care you put into your kittys. We love our bengals!! they are such a joy !! Looking forward in getting another one from you soon.

Your friend always

Rhonda, Mike, George & Gracie.




Hey! Deb

You are a true Bengal/savannah breeder of many years . Its been such a joy in getting another Bengal from you . So much fun and personalty plus.  A true breeder! Thanks again

Gary and family


Hi Debbie

Thank you so much for such a wonderful savannah. We could see and tell all the work you do with your kittys. They are so beautiful , high quaility & healthy kittens. You are a true breeder of savannahs and bengals. Will recommend anyone looking for kittens to you.!! We were so impressed on how fast or kitten adapted us !! Your knowledge is excellent in what you do.

will always be in touch.

candice and family


hey Deb

What a pleasure meeting you and allowing us to adopt 2 of your bengals. And thankyou for all the updates and photos before we got our kittens. Your skills, helpfulness  & everything is beyond words. Our kittens are doing great !!! and love us !! They adjusted so quickly in there new home. Such beautys!!

your freinds.

Rhonda, Mike and the furry family



Hey Deb

Well it was worth the long road trip to adopt such a beautiful healthy /quality kitten from you. We enjoyed our travels before we got to your place. So impressed with your kittens and cats. We could see all the care and time you spend with them. We were amazed how quickly your new girl adapted to us and our other kitty. thank you for all your updates and photos you sent to us before our arrival. You are an awesome person and breeder. Will recommend you always. Have a blessed summer-will be in touch

 Eric, Trisha and family.


Hi Debbie

Its been such a pleasure talking/dealing with you. You were always there for updates and any questions I may have had. Thank you for all your hard work ! and having your friend fly and hand escort my beautiful,sweet kitten to me. he is awesome and is doing great !!!!! We were surprised how quickly he adjusted to us with all the changes. Your a wonderful person and great breeder I tell everyone about you. such quaility and healthy kittens with outstanding blood lines. A true savannah breeder. Will always be in touch

Arliene and family.


Hi Deb

Well what can I say. Another wonderful bengal kitty from you. All is going great. We tell everyone and recommend you all the time to others. Will always be in touch. Gary and family. thank you agian!!


Hi Debbie

So nice seeing you agian and all your beautiful kittens and cats. Our savannah we adopted from you in the past  is doing great and now our new addition a bengal from you. they bonded so quickly and thats because of all your dedication in what you do, You are an outstanding breeder and person.

have a good summer. Ryan and family



Hi Debbie

thank you so much for all your help and answering all my questions before adopting my new bengal kitty from you. My husband and I really appreciate all the pictures you send and always keeping in touch. You are a wonderful person, with allot of knowledge! We can tell from your website and talking with you-a great breeder with experience.

Rhonda and family

Cant wait for our new addtion to the family



Hello Deb

Our savannah boy is great and were looking forward in getting a bengal from you. thanks so much for picking us out another wonderful kitty.  the family is so excited with our new addition - coming soon

take care

ryan & family


Hey Deb

We are so excited in getting another kitten from you. You picked us out a beautiful kitten in the past. Your so caring in what were looking for . Such awesome kittens you have, healthy and we can see all the  time you spend with them. You've got what it takes to be an excellent breeder-care and compassion. Always thier to help anyone out, and answer any questions we may have

thanks again! looking forward in seeing you again.

gary and family


Hi Deb

We were highly  recommend to you from others & breeders., and we can see why.  ( quite professional & you like to help others) You have allot of good information on your site, and it was great talking with you. we appreciate the time you took to really answer and give us the proper informaton we were looking for. Will be getting a kitten from you in the near future-once we get into our new home. thats also exciting for us-more room with the family.

will be in touch-thanks again

amanda and family


Hi Deb Happy Easter

Just a quick note to let you know our bengals boys are doing great! so happy we adopted another kitten from you. It amazed us how quickly he adapted to our other bengal we got from you. Such a joy with these two. You are outstanding in your breeding .

Happy Spring Mark and family


Hello Deb

Jace and I are doing well and cant wait for spring to really be here. Jace is so loving, enjoys everyone that comes over and is quite the campion for me. I'm so happy  I found you months ago. Your a dear person that really cares about everyone and how your kittys are doing in their new homes. Such a pleasure to have gotten to know you.. Well worth my road trip with friends. i always tell others that are interested to contact you.

thanks again Sharon & Jace.


Dear Debbie:

I feel so horriable on what those 2 people did to you and others. to take credit -where credit is not due. Thank you for sharing the proof. Hard to beleive its been over 12 years when we started talking about  breeding savannahs and what i thought about you introducing this breed in the  midwest area. As well as other topic's we have shared. And of course your bengals. I was so excited to know you would started breeding. Keeping the savannah pure as it should be. I know you enjoy helping others and will always support good breeders. Thanks for all your hard work and the knowledge that you have.

Your an excellent breeder of pure savannahs and bengals. Keep up the great work.

Sincerely your friend always! Patrick.


Hi Debbie

Tiger is doing great!! what a love bug with all of us and our younger children . Love peoples, and its play time all the time. We appreciate all your care and kindness. Your an excellent breeder-we always refer you to others

Take care will be in touch-spring is finally here.

Delik and family


Hey Deb

Please put this on your testimonal page. Been working allot and my wife and I  like to go to your website once and awhile  to see what kittens you have up for adoption for people.We read what those 2 people did to you and other breeders. How ruthless and what a cheap shot on their end. You have such beautiful - healthy kittens with quality care. You are such a good breeder. We appreciate all your help in answering any questions we may have had with any of our pets. Our friends just love our cats we have adopted from you. So friendly and love people. We always tell others about you. its well worth the travel to adopt a kitten from you. thanks again for everything!!

matt & family


Hi Debbie

Just a little note to let you know all the kittys are doing great. You have such beautiful savannahs and bengals. I'm so happy that I've gotten to know you through the years.  You have such quality & healthy kittens Your breeders produce awesome kittens- what spots/markings and color. Thanks again for answering any questions I may have had. You are a true breeder, with care and compassion in what you do.!!. I always tell others about you. will keep in touch. Kim & the furry gang


Hi Deb

Thank you for bringing  such joy back in to our lives. Our beautiful bengal is doing great! Really enjoyed meeting you and all your  beautiful kittens/cats. Such quality kittens. We can see all the care & compassion in what you do.

Thank you again Al & Candy


Hi Debbie

We really appreciated all the time you have taken in answering our questions and helping us out before we got our beautiful kitten from you. And all the photos & updates you sent us. He is great!! and bonded with us right away.  Our younger children just love him. He sleeps with them all the time and plays. We will always recommend you to others

will be in touch

Delik & family


Hey Deb

All is going well in such a short time. I'm so happy I got another kitten from you! You always have such healthy and beautiful  kittens.  Its play time all the time around here

 Take care

troy and the furry kids


Hi Deb

Thanks again for everything-such a joy to have these two. Enjoyed meeting you and your kittys. Beautiful kittens & cats you have. We could see all the time you put into raising these beautiful breeds.

thank you -

Merry Christmas & Happy new year

will be in touch

Peg & family



Hi Debbie

Zeus is such a wonderful kitten. So curious, loves people, everything is great!! Looking forward in getting another kitten from you. Will be in touch .

Grant, zeus and friends




Hi deb

Everything is going great. Argo and cassandra adopted pretty quicky with each other, I'm so happy!!

Nice seeing you again and your wonderful cats. Really appreciate all your time and advise in this new transsion with Cassandra. They are becoming such buddies. Will always recommend you & your cattery!! So much care & time you put into everything. Beautiful cats & kittens.

will keep in touch

Mike, Cassandra & Argo


Hi Deb

I'm so amazed on how quickly Zeus adopted to me and everything else. Such a beautiful kitten and great personality. I can see all the time you put into your kittens & cats. Enjoyed seeing your cattery-your set up is nice. Will recommend you to others. Thanks again for all the updates & photos prior to me picking up my kitten. A true dedicated breeder.

Enjoy your summer! will Chat later

 Grant & Zeus




Hi Deb

Thanks again for keeping me updated on the kitten I'll be getting from you .  I appreciated all your time in contacting us. your care & compassion is awesome, this is why I'm getting another kitten from. will see you soon

Mike & family



Hi Deb

Things are going great, amazing kittens you have. We can see all the love and attention you put in with them.

Everyone loves to see your new kitty. She Adopted so quickly. will be in touch. thanks again for everything and always givingme  updates until we picked up our kitten. Sharon and jace


HI debbie

quick note, all is going well and we just love her. She adapted so quickley with us. thanks for everything. Your a wonderful breeder & friend. Will be in touch



HI Debbie

Just a quick note to let you know we were amazed how quickly our kitten adapted us. Everything is going great and he's love everyone that comes over . such a joy to have in our family. will always recommened you as a  breeder. Thanks Again !!

Ryan & family


Hi Deb

Zeus is doing great and what a joy to have in our fur family. Will highly recommend you as a great breeder.  We appreciate all in what you do.  thanks again for always keeping in touch with us. Enjoy your summer.

chat later!


Hi Debbie

Everything is going great. Will always get another kitten from you. Pita is adjusting well and we love her to . keeps us busy with jenga. haha

will be in touch

Thanks again for Everything!!!


Hello Deb

Really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your wonderful set up and talking about your breeding program. We are amazed on how quickly Zeus has adapted to us. He slept by my head and is adjusting well. What a happy addition to our family. You do such a wonderful job raising your kittens. Your knowledge and care  in what you do is awesome!!. Will keep in touch

thanks again

Amanda, Zeus and family


Hi Deb

I'm so glad I saw on your site you have savannah kittens up for adoption

Cant wait to get  another one from you soon for jenga. Same parents, how cool is that.

We've been  so happy with our kitten we adopted from you last year. thanks for the pictures. Will be in touch

See you soon.

Jennifer, Jenga and family


Hi Debbie

Cant wait to get another kitten from. We  know the care & compassion you have with your kittens/cat. A friend and great breeder. Will see you soon.

Thanks again

Tom, Perry and family


Hi Deb

Thanks for keeping in contact with us. We love Mya she is everything we ever hoped for. So adorable, playful, fun time all the time. She does so well with our other pets

Thanks again

Kristi & family


Hello Debbie

Sklar is the best cat ever. Thank you so much !!

Loves all our animals & people

Jon & jeff


Hi Deb

Just wanted Thank you again for such loving cats we have gotten from you. We appreciated all your information & help if we ever need it. A wonderful Friend & breeder. Will always highly recommend you to others!!

Will keep in touch

Your the Best !!!

The Foss family


Hi Debbie

just a little update on Spice. She is everything we wanted, and keeps Chili on the go.

Best decision we made in getting another kitten from you.

They play all the time. We always recommend you to others.

Your a great breeder & friend. Thanks for the emails in hearing how things are going.

Mario, Stacy, Spice, Chili & family


Hello Deb & Happy new Year

Looking forward in meeting you soon to pick up our kitten. You have such  great pet/people skills. Always informing us how our kitten is doing and sending pictures. We really appreciate all your kindness and knowledge.

See you soon


Hi Deb

We had so much fun meeting you and seeing all your cats. We were  so impressed how they all greeted us. You have such a beautiful home and nice cattery set up. We can see/tell how much time you put into your business. And the health and well being of your animals. We thank you so much for your knowledge and help in adopting one of your high quality kittens. A true breeder with compassion in what you do. Also we were so amazed on how quickly Mya adapted to us and our smaller dog-so cute. Thanks again for everything. highly recommend you to others. A true Breeder that knows what she's doing , with years of experience

Take Care-will be in touch.

Kristi,ken,Kaylee, Mya and the rest of our clan


Hi Debbie

So nice to see you again. Happy that we had the chance to adopted another kitten from you.

Enjoy the new year

 Mario,Stacy, Spice, Chili and family


Hi Debbie

Just a quick update. We cant believe how quickly our kittens adapted to us and thier new home. They are such a joy to have. Your  right " flying little monkeys" haha. We can see how much time you put into your kittens & cats. Were so lucky to have met you. keep up the great job. Your a wonderful breeder.

Will always be in touch.

Amanda, T.C. "Doc" Dash & Callie


Hi Again Deb

Were looking forward in getting another kitten from you.
We know the quality of kittens you have and the time you spend with them. See you soon in 2018

Take Care

Mario, Stacy  & " Chili"


Hi Deb

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home and seeing your cattery. What beautiful cats and kittens you have. We have such a fun time talking with you and coming to see our kittens. We cant wait to pick up our new kittys soon.You are quite devoted in what you do.

Thanks again-See you soon.

Amanda & T.C.


Hi Debbie

Really had a  wonderful time seeing you again and our new addition to our family. He has adjusted so well/fast. Such a sweet out going - personality plus kitten. We are so thankyou we came  across you. We can see all the time and care you put into your animals. Lovely home and cattery-keep up the great job.

Jon and Friends

Hi Deb

 Our kitten is doing great and quite the investagator . such a love bug, we all adore her. What a great job you do with your kittens/cats. Will keep in touch

Heidi & Family


Hey Deb !

Cant thankyou  enough for letting me adopt one of your loving kittens. Had such a wonderful time talking and seeing you again. Your professionalism & Dedication in tremendous. I can see all the time and care you do. Keep up the great job. Great breeder and friend. Thanks for all emails and kitten pictures

Joseph & Sani


hello Deb

Well what can we say your breeders  produce wonderful kittens. Nice time seeing you again  and getting another kitten. Milo adjusted so quickly and is doing well. keep up the good work.

Matt & Family


Hi Debbie

We are so please with our new kitten. She is so sweet and does well with our newborn and our other 2 younger children. Were so glad we came across you. Will keep in touch.

Thanks again

Josh, Mindy and family


it was so nice to finally meet you. Really enjoying our new kitten and how well he adjusted. Thanks also for send all the photos and emails right up the time we got him. Looking forward in getting another kitten from you.

Troy and Friend







Hi Debbie

Just a quick update. Jenga has been such a joy to have.What a wonderful addition to our family. So sweet, loving, curious, playful and the list continues.Were so happy we came across you. Your a great breeder, with allot of dedication in what you do. Keep it up !! Will always recommend you.

Take Care Jen & family


Hey Deb

Cash is doing great! What  a love to have in our family of Critters.Mike has made  wonderful cat perchs all over, and Cash loves them.  thanks so much for everything and for what you do.

Your great & Funny

thanks again

Brittney, Mike and the furry kids.



Hi Deb

Well - it was worth the wait, travels and roadtrip. Such a nice cattery and home you have. Its so nice  that you keep in touch with us. She is so amazing, lovable and adjusted so quickly to myself, family and my other pets.We thank you so much for everything. Have a great summer. Will keep in touch with allot of photos.

meg & the critters


Hi Debbie

Cant believe how quickly Jenga adjusted. So loving, playfull and enjoys helping us out.

So curious on everything.

Thank you again

Jen & family


Hi Deb

What a pleasure to finally meet you. We were so impressed on how well you take care of all your animals. You do an outstanding job as a breeder. Nice cattery and Home. Our new girl is so beautiful and will be a joy to have as our new addition to our family. Thank you again for everything!!! Really appreciated all your updates until the time we picked up our girl.

Jen & Family


Hi Deb

Oh my our guy is such a love bug. he enjoys snuggling with us & watchs everything we do,

What a joy to have.

Thank You so Much For Everything

Brittnay & Mike


Hi Debbie

Well it was so exciting for us to meet you and our new beautiful boy.

What gorgeous cats/kittens you have. We could tell & see all the care, compassion & dedication you put into your cattery.You have a beautiful home and set up for your breeders. We cant Thank You Enough!!! for letting us adopt one your beautiful kittens. We will highly recommend you to others

Thank you again-Will send pictures all the time

Brittney & Mike


Hi Debbie

We cant Thankyou enough for calling us to adopt one of your kittens. What stuning/gorgeous kittens, cats and breeders you have. (OH  my - your kittens have excellent spots and ears)Also Thank you so much for keeping us updated with emails, photos everything!  This means alot to us. We can tell you really care about what you do. Your such a nice person and great breeder. Looking forward in seeing you in may.

Brittney & Mike


Hi Deb


Were so excited in getting a kitten from you in May. We really appreciate all your emails , photos and updates on our girl. Such beautiful kittens, we couldnt ask for more. Cant wait to meet you soon. Thanks again for letting us adopt one of your kittens. So exciting for us. Well worth the wait. We already have a name for our new addtion to the family .

 Cant wait !!

Jen & Jeff



Hi Debbie

Just an  update Chili is doing great,. What a joy to have around. We are so happy & Thankful to have found such a wonderful person & breeder

Take Care-Will be touch

have a good 2017


Hi Debbie

Just an update on how all is going. Sapphire is such a wonderful kitten and does well with our other cat-their buddies. She is such a joy. So friendly and enjoys everyone around her.

Thanks Again

Have a great 2017

Katheryn & family


Hi Deb

All is going well. We are so happy that we decided to adopt one of your kittens as a wedding gift to ourselves. Prana is doing great a loves everyone!!

Thank you-We really enjoyed meeting you.

Take Care



Hi Deb

We've only had our kitten for a few days and she is doing wonderful

It was the best decision my wife and I have made in a long time.

She is so wonderful, playful and loves to see whats going on.

Your an excellent breeder , hoping in the near future to get another kitten from you.

thanks again

Gary & Aronda


Hi Deb

 Thank you for welcoming our family into your home and showing us all your different cats. We wish we could have stayed longer. Enjoyed meeting you and letting us adopted one of your beautiful kittens Its been well worth the while to wait. He is  doing well and adjusted quite quickly. What a wonder addition to our family

Thanks again

 Eli and family

Wishing you a wonderful 2017


Hi Debbie

 Our beautiful girl is doing well. Such a wonderful time meeting you and your beautiful cats/kittens.

We can see how much time and compassion you have. Very nice home and cattery

Thanks for everything

Gary & A'Ronda

Have a great 2017


Hi Deb

We cant thank you enough for all your help in answering our questions, and having such beautiful cats from you. You are a true breeder that really cares in what you do. Its great that you keep in contact with us as well as  others that have adopted your kittens through the years, And to here  how your kittens/ cats are doing. We love our 2 cats that we've adopted from you. Thanks again-we always tell others about you

Take Care will keep in touch

Gayle,Jason,Chloe,Lance & Chester



Hi Debbie

What a  joy to finally meet you and your beautiful kittens and cats. We could all the care and time you put into them. Our kitten adapted very quickly in our home and with us.

thank you so much for letting us adopt one of your kittens

Will recommend you to others

Happy Holidays



Hi Deb

it was well worth the trip to get our beautiful kitten from you. She is doing so well in such a short time. Were so happy we found a great breeder like you. Will keep in touch

Merry Christmas

 Katheryn & cory


Hi Deb

Thanks again for such a loving kitten. We appreciate all your help in answering any questions we have had. Looking forward in getting another kitten from you. We enjoy seeing all your kittens/cats & and your nice cattery. We are so lucky we came across such a great breeder. Will always recommend others to you ! Merry Christmas & Happy New year

Matt & family


Hi Debbie

It was a pleasure seeing you again and all your beautiful cats & kittens. Were so happy to get another kitten from you. He has adapted so quickly and with our other cat. We always reccomend any one thats interested in a Savannah or Bengal to contact you.

I'll keep you posted and photos all the time

Thanks Again


Hi Deb

it was so nice to finally see you and get our new additon to the family. She is doing awesome, and is already playing with my 2 year old. Enjoyed seeing your wonderful cattery and home. My husband and I could see all the time and care you put into your kittens/cat. Looking forward in the future to getting  another one from you.

Thanks Again for letting us adopt one of your beautiful kittens.

Will keep in touch

Take Care


Hi Deb

First of all thankyou so much for answering and helping us out - regarding the savannah breed. We enjoyed seeing your home, your cats, and your wonderful cattery.  We are so happy we came across you and your cattery. We could see the care, time, & such high quality kittens you have. Our kitten adapted quite quickly with our family and other pets. What a joy to have this new addition to our family. We will highly recommend you to others!

Thanks Again-It was worth the wait

Matt, Amanda & Family


Hello Deb

So nice to know a breeder that really cares about thier kittens/cats, and keeps in contact.

We are so happy that we chose your cattery we just love her. We'll be sure to recommend you to anyone we meet looking for an  awesome cat. She's so happy and loves tons of attention. Thankyou for the wand toy we got from you. Again thanks for such a wonderful kitten

Best regards, Andrew, Tiffany & Tora


Hey Deb

We are loving our new kitten ! We named her Tora, or actually she named her self. We just called out a few names to her and thats the one she would come too.She is just adorable !We love her energy and cant believe what a great kitten she is. Also she is so friendly and smart ! She is just perfect for us . Great job Deb !!!! So glad we were able to get one of your beautiful kittens.

Tiffany,Andrew & Tora


Hi Debbie

Just wanted to let you know Apollo is doing great and adjusted very well in such a short time. He is quite the lover boy.Thank you again for letting me adopt one of your beautiful kittens

Take Care


Hey Deb

Everything is going great !! Jazzi loves meeting people and gets along so well with our other animals .We are so happy we waited and got a kitten from you .Thanks again for everything !!


Hi Debbie

It was well worth the wait to get a kitten from you. We loved seeing all your cats, and could see all the time, care and passion you have for them. What a wonderful home , and cattery you have. Such beautiful markings on your savannahs and bengals

Take Care

Thanks again for letting me adopted one of your beautiful kittens



Hi Deb

Well what can I say it was a pleasure meeting you and your beautiful cats, savannahs and bengals. I'm so glad a friend of mine referred you. She has adapted  so quickly and loves attention. What wonderful personalties these kittens have.Enjoyed seeing your beautiful home and cattery. Will keep in touch

Thanks again

Goldie & family

Have  a great summer


Hi Debbie

First of all thank you for spending  time with our kids. We can see the passion and care that you put into your animals.  Your very helpful in answering any questions we had. So excited to finally meet you and your beautiful cats and kittens. What quality kittens your breeders produce. Enjoyed seeing your nice cattery, and we like your set up. We are so amazed how quickly our kitten adjusted to us and our other pets. Again thank you for everything and we will refer others to you.

Enjoy your summer

Will be in touch


Hi Deb

So much fun seeing you again, the family had a great time. Such beautiful kittens and cats you have. We are impressed with the care you put into your animals. Our kitten is adjusting very well with everything

Thank you again for a beautful kitten

Will be in touch


Hey Deb-Persephone has grown up so fast. She loves to play fetch with the wand toy we got from you .Also she loves kids and anyone that comes to the house. I'm so glad we came across you and your wonderful cattery.

Thanks again for letting us adopt one of your beautiful kittens. Will keep in touch

Jena & Persephone

Hi My name is Hope and I was very impressed with your website. I wish I could have cats but I thought I'd sent you this note. They are absolutely beautiful and are obviously loved and very happy and cared for. I'm a total cat person but my my fiance is deathly allergic to all type of cats. Its just nice to see a reputable breeder like yourself so clearly caring for and loving your cats. I love all the cats and kittens I saw on your site.  ( Beautiful savannahs & Bengals) I will highly recommend you as a breeder

I love the exotic breed.Take Care


HI Deb

I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you. Very empressed with your cattery and all your other animals. I could see all the care you put into them. I'm so happy that I adopted 2 of your savannahs. They are amazing kittens, and are so much fun to have

Thank you again ! I'll keep in touch

Isis & Aja


Hi Debbie

It was so nice to meet you, and see all your beautiful cats & kittens.

You have a nice cattery , and we can see all the time and care you put into your  animals.

Persephone is doing great, loves to play all the time.

Thank you for letting me adopt one your kittens

Will keep in touch

We just Love her

Thanks again

Jena & Persephone


Hi Deb

I'm so happy that I adopted 2 of your beautiful kittens. They have adapted well to my work schudule.

They play  with each other all the time, its so much fun watcing them when I get home . Impressed with all your kittens & cats. I can see how much time, care and everything  you  do with them. Appreciate  all your help in answering  any questions I  have.

Thanks again

Loki & Jinx




Hi Deb

Just an update on our beautiful kitten. She adjusted very quickly with us & anyone who comes over.

What can we say she is so well marked  and what a personality. Were so happy we came across you . Very nice cattery,home and gorgeous cats & kittens, just amazing kittens

Thank you Again

Ryan & Crystal

Merry Christmas



Hi Debbie

Thanks again for letting us adopt 2 of your beautiful kittens. We really enjoyed meeting you , your very nice cattery and seeing the rest of your cats. So amazed on how Quickly they adjusted to us and our home. Now playing with our dog. You have quite the quality of kittens, and we saw how much care & time you put into everything.

thanks again

Brooke & Derrick

Happy Holidays


HI Debbie

We were  so impressed with your place, your cattery  and the care all your kittens/cat have.

We were so amazed on how quickly Raji adapted to us and our other cats.

Such quality kittens !

Thank you Again



Hello Debbie

Just a quick note to let you know everything is going great ! You have such quality kittens and we see the time and care you put into them. Thank you again for another kitten.

Keri, Glen and family


Hi debbie

Just an update- we are so pleased on the the quality of kittens you have and to educate people on how loving savannahs really are. We just love our new additon to our family. She is so loving, playful and enjoys everyone that comes over. Thankyou again !!

Jason & Stephaine


Hi Deb

Phoniex is doing great and adjusted very well-We just love her.

She is so playful and friendly - Greets everyone.

Thank you Again for letting us adopte one of your beautiful kittens

Eric, Tracy & family


HI Debbie

Everything has been going great  , and we named him Loki . As you know we have 4 bull-mastiffs and introduced them one by one to loki. Now they all play together and sleep together. Loki enjoys  meeting all kinds of family and friends . He is such a friendly guy, we are so pleased with him. WE love him to dealth ! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you !

Brandi, Jay & Savannah , Loki, Odin, Athena, Isis and Luna


Hi Debbie

Everything is going very well with our new kitten and our other animals.

Thank you again-We just Love Her !!!

Glenn & Keri


Hi Deb

Thankyou very much for letting us spend the day with you. We were so over whelmed at your cattery, and can see all the time you put into your cats  & kittens. Our family enjoyed meeting you, seeing your cats, and of course your beautiful kittens. Thankyou for letting us adopt one of your kittens.

Stephaine, Jason & Family


Lance and Chester Cheetah are doing well, playing all the time and everday is always a new adventure. Thankyou again for another beautiful Kitten

Gayle, Jason & family

HI Debbie

Thankyou for lettting us into your home, and spending time with us. We were so impressed with cattery ( Beautiful !) also saw the wonderful  care  your animals have.  We are so looking forward in geting our new kitten from you.

Thank you Again

Tracy & Eric


Hello Deb:

All Is going well for us, and were excited that Ava is already 2 years old. She is a happy cat who runs the house and she know it. Ha Ha. Ava loves chasing ice-cubes around the floor & crumpled up receipts to play fetch with.  She's very affectionate & love's to bump us for attention.  We couldn't imagine our family without her. Thank you Again.

Sincerely, Garrett, Courtney & Ava


Hi Debbie

Just an update.  Lighting is growing like a weed, and loves to greet us all the time. What a joy to have in our family.

Bruce & Family



HI Debbie

Lighting adjusted very well to his new  home. We just Love him.

Thank you Bruce & Family


Hi Debbie

Our kitty is doing great, the kids just love her. She's discovery more areas to roam in .

Thank you for our new addition !

Tom & kids


Hi Deb

Thanks again for another beautiful kitten , she adapted very well and loves to play with Iddybit The two of them play all the time, always a new adventure.

Thank you

Arlinda,Craig, Iddy-bit and Miss Harleyett

Hello Deb

Just dropping a line to say Owen is doing very well. He's such a fabulous addition to our family. His personality is wonderful. He's so full of energy and life. Thanks again for the opportunity in adopting one of your kittens, He's a real gem



Hi Deb

All is very well! Chester Cheetah ( Keeta-Keona ) is a riot.. He has brought many laughs and smiles to our family, with many more to come. He is a great addition ! Were looking forward in getting another kitten from you.

Thank you again, Gayle & Jason


Hi Deb,

We made it home safe and sound and are getting to know each other! Thank you for all the phone calls and for allowing Craig and I to adopt this amazing kitten. It was awesome to pull into your yard and see the huge homes you have for your cats. We sure can  tell how much time  you spend with them! they are not lacking in attention and it shows on the way she purrs non-stop and is always snuggling  to us. She is so intelligent and investigative! She runs around like a whirlwind and when she is tired she drops and takes a nap! Thank you so much for allowing us to stay with you over night .I will keep in touch and we cant thank you enough for everything!!

With Love, Craig, Arlinda & Iddy Bit! who isn't so little ( Former name Ka-he-le)


Hello Debbie,

Mr. Tigger is 1 years old already. He so friendly to all that come to our house, and the Grandsons love him. We thank you again for letting us adopt one of your kittens.


Bill & Donna



Peanuts new name is Rafiki

We are home safe, and the Rafiki didn't want to ride in the carrier so he was on the back seat on a fuzzy blanket and napped the entire way !  He's roaming around in my room and bathroom purring, and smelling things. His name will be Rafiki or Rafi for short. Thanks Again!




Hi Deb!

Kaiser (past kitten Trouble) has adapted to his new home so well. We haven't  had any problems with him other than the normal kitten behavior . He just wants to be a part of everything! He follows me down to the basement when I clean litter boxes, sits there and watches me. We are so blessed to have this beautiful boy in our lives and cant wait to see his personality develop. Thank you again Deb for everything! It's been wonderful working with you! We will try and email pictures when we can.

Sincerely, Jeff & Diana



7 months old Ella-now Zuri

It was pleasure talking with you and you were very inforative. I can tell you take very good care of you animals and take pride in selling great kittens. I love seeing all of your other cats as well and so did my friend. I have been home for about an hour now and her setup in the bedroom. I hung with her for a littel while and she was checking things out (I have attached a picture of Ella). Now I am going to give her her own time to adjust. I will keep you posted on events. Thanks again for everything...it was a pleasure.


7 month old Lewa (Elisa) is now adopted.

Everything is going great! We have named her Lewa, it means most beautiful in African. She did not that much on her first day but gave us lots of love! Next day she brought me the toy from your house and we played fetch for 10 minutes, she is so good! This is by fare the best cat I have ever had! Thank you, David 



Hemi is doing great and he really warmed up last night after the kids whent to bed. He was follwoing me around all night purring. We played with his toys then he decided to fall asleep right next to my head all night. He is eating and using the litter box. I am very impressed with this kitten. Thanks, Jim.




Louie is doing great. He is so loving and purring all the time! He has an amazing personality!
I am so thankful that he was the one for us. He was definitely the right choice!

All our best, Jules & Tim



Hi Deb,Things are going wonderful!! She is just a hoot, as my grandma would say.  I can't remember if I already told you this but I changed my spare room into her sanctuary.  On the way home I stopped at Mounds and got her one of those string toy things that you showed to me on the computer, a soft bed and her own litter box (it’s so funny how she plays in it). Once we got home I put her in there and we played around while my other cat (Vargas) sniffed at the door.  He must have sat outside the door the whole night. The next day I would alternate every few hours putting Vargas in another room while she came out and explored. Then the next day I would bring her out for a few minutes at a time, multiple times a day and let them see each other while I supervised.  Vargas was so cute; he just sat there and was so interested in her while she growled at him, ha-ha. There was a point when Vargas was sleeping on my lap.  She jumped on the couch, woke him up, sniffed his nose and then hissed in his face and ran away. It was hilarious!! I was a little nervous that she wouldn't start to be comfortable around him for a couple weeks. I just feel so bad when I go to sleep and she has to be all alone, even though I know she probably doesn't mind. As of today, they are getting along quite nicely and she seems to be pretty comfortable in my home. I am amazed at her jumping skills! She jumped 4ft on top of my cupboards from the counter. Vargas has to jump from the counter to the fridge then on top of the cupboards. I try to get him to stop but he doesn't listen very well so she followed suit. All my pictures are on my phone so I’m going to email you again from my phone w/ them.  Also, there’s a funny one of her water dish that I found when I got home earlier today.  Thank you so much for this little bundle of joy!



Andy, Sarah, Nero & Mars Hello Deb, just wanted to give you an update on Nero and Mars and send along a few pictures. They are both AMAZING cats and Sarah and I know that has so much to do with how you raise the kittens. We want to thank you so much for letting us into your home and trusting us to take care of two of your babies. You've been wonderful to work with and we appreciate that you really care and go out of your way to be helpful with anything we need. After 1 week with Mars it already feels like he’s a big part of our family. He's adjusted great and has the best personality one could ask for. He is the biggest cuddlier that there is! Nero took a few days to adjust to not being the baby anymore but he's come around quickly and now loves having a little playmate to run around and get into trouble with. Everyone that comes over and sees our Savannah's always comments on their looks and personalities and that’s a big credit to you and what you've created there. Thank you again Deb.


Breanna and Cassie & Dustin

I just wanted to give you an update. She is doing great! She was still sleeping this morning when I checked on her so she must have worn herself out playing yesterday! She has been a purring machine since yesterday! So loveable!!! She loves getting brushed! She is having a blast playing with all of her toys it’s almost like she's not sure what to play with first. I just want you to know how thankful we are to have met you and letting us adopt one of your babies! I know we will definitely do so again in the future!! Thanks again Deb for everything and I look forward to chatting with you again. We think of you like part of the family! We are blessed to have met you & feel privileged to own Kya!! Thank you so much again for everything! Talk to you soon. 

Eric and Kira

Hey Debbie,Everything is going great with kiara. She's still dragging toys around and hides them in her nap spots, her and Rasco have become so close. They always get along and are always together. She sometimes tires him out and picks on him as he sleeps she's awesome I can't get enough of her. My little sister asked if she could baby sit her. She’s 11 and is going through some stress and I thought it'd be great, so I let her and she really cheered her up. My family loves her and she doesn't show stress or pressure being around them she's comfortable enough to even sleep on their laps. I love her thanks for everything Debbie  


Obi and Zannah:

We all have appreciated purchasing our Bengals from Deb. She has been wonderful to work with. Their fur is the softest ever!!! They are both very well adjusted, playful, lovable and purring machines...Obi and Zannah have been perfect additions to our busy home and had no problems acclimating to our large family, dogs and other kittens (including a Savannah from Deb). Deb is by far the best breeder we have ever worked with over the last 15 years. She is honest and forthright. Her love and passion for her kitties is undeniable and she is extremely knowledgeable. She worked very hard to ensure the kitties we brought home were a perfect fit. Thanks again Deb!!!! Terry


Sheila and AAber 

Hi Deb, I just wanted to give you an update on AAber. She is absolutely CRAZY fun! We love her so much. She has stolen all of our hearts. Anytime that you turn on a water faucet she appears within seconds. You will know where to find her when you are running bath water, silly cat! She has the most amazing personality. She is very loving, loves to cuddle and purrs like crazy. Her favorite thing to do is to steal our make up brushes. She thinks they are hers and we find them under the couch. Thank you so much for such a wonderful kitten. As well as your kindness, professional and personal. You have been open to any questions. Highly knowledgale. Have opened up your home to my son and his friends. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Savannah or Bengal to you. I will never buy a kitten from anyone else. I am sure I will be back to buy another Savannah. They are amazing.



Terry, Amy, and Jango

We have had a wonderful experience purchasing our "Jango" from Deb. She opened up her home to us and answered all of our questions. She obviously loves her kitties and Jango was well prepared for his new life, adjusting easily... which is saying something considering we have 4 kids, two big dogs and two other cats...He is absolutely PURRFECT!!! Thanks Deb.



Rachel and Nahla 

I took this picture of Nahla a couple of days ago.  She’s beyond BEAUTIFUL!  Like I’ve said before, unfortunately none of the pictures I take show just how beautiful she is in person.  She’s got crazy energy and loves to get into everything.  She has this weird thing where she feels the need to put every toy into her water bowl.  Never fails.  Everytime I come home from work, the bowl is full.  I kind of get a kick out of it. At night she loves to cuddle and prrrrrrr.



Elisabeth and Athena

Hi, things are going great. Athena is doing really well. I had to move to a different apartment at the beginning of the month and both her and Poseidon (other cat) like the new place a lot. It is a bit bigger so there is more room for them to run around. Athena got spayed at the beginning of January and she healed quickly. She still likes to get into trouble and whenever I leave a bag of Oreos out she is dragging the bag around. Thank you again for letting me have her, I love her so much!


Tracy, Steve and Lilibet

Lilibet is terrific and is extremely playful! She loves to run around the apartment playing fetch with her toy mice and swatting them under the fridge and stove on a daily basis. Another favorite hobby of hers is to chase after, or be chased by, our other two grown cats, Gatsby and Sophie. Lilibet also loves to wrestle with her stuffed loon duck and rabbit toys, jump and play in the bathtub, and sit in the bathroom sink drinking water from the faucet! Lilibet is an amazing jumper and now that Spring has arrived, she spends hours chirping and meowing at the birds that are in nearby trees! When she is not playing and running laps around the apartment, she loves to cuddle with us or our other two cats. Another favorite thing that Lilibet loves to do is jump from a distant counter in the kitchen and sits on my shoulders when we are getting dinner ready! Lilibet is a wonderful addition to our family and we cannot thank you enough! We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found such a wonderful Savannah breeder whom raises such beautiful cats and kittens in a warm and loving home atmosphere. Thanks again for everything!


Trish and Dash

We made it back to Korea safely and have been really busy getting adjusted.  Our girl (we named her Dash, because that's exactly what she does all over the apartment!) cried for 12 hours straight on the plane (yikes!) and got free from her cage twice and went running through the plane!  Yup, she's a smart one.  Now she's just having fun exploring our apartment and getting settled.  She is full of energy, and if she's not wanting to play, she's snuggling up to take a nap on our laps.  She is really friendly with guests.  Just all around a terrific cat.  She's starting to get noticably bigger, I'd say about 5 or 6 pounds now.   I'm attaching some pictures for you.  Enjoy!  Thanks again for everything!


Madeleine and Bruno

Bruno is doing great! He is sure a big healthy boy! He looks just like his dad cabos! He has amazing ears and the long legs... Brunos hobbies include: playing with ice cubes in the sink... playing with water in the bathtub... hiding playmice under the bed... wrestling with out other 2 cats binky and buddy until the tire and tell him to go away... he enjoys running laps around the house... and loves to know what we are doing... but by far he loves to cuddle the most...  I feel so blessed to have bruno an can't thank you enough for letting me and David have him he is like our furry kid... and like you said debbie he is like a 2 year old... and we love every second with him!  Thank you so much!


Great news Bruno has been coming to work with me at a nursing home/assisted living and he is officaly a therapy cat that visits patients... He enjoys being petted and will even head but pattients and loves to play with his toys... his caring goofy personality brings smiles and laughter to the people... And all the patients Love how exotic he looks... and cant get over his big ears, spots, and long legs...

Teri and Tapanga
Tapanga is almost 10 months now, she weighs 9lbs. She is doing well, very healthy and full of energy. She does tend to take things and hide them from me, but they show up eventually. All three cats get along super. It's hard to get her to be still to get a good shot..