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Bengal Kittens for Sale

Please call (651) 775-2997 if you have any questions or email me at midwestmysticals@yahoo.com.

Proud to be a Bengal cat club certified Breeder!!

Also, I have a Facebook page of past kittens adopted. ( midwest mystical )

Kitten is  sold.

Bengal Kitten Born 4-10-24

Father : yeager F 6 C

Please email or call for random photos as shes growing. !


She is so sweet and loves attention!!!!! And doing great ! Looking for her Forever home !!! Loves to play wand toys and lots of pets & kisses! !!

All my Kittens have 2-distempershots and health exam done-before going to their new adopted-loving- home .

She will be ready to go early July.





Mother : sassy SBT

Father: Yeager F 6C 




Miracle- is on the go at 3 weeks old




Kitten - 



 Sassy is Auroras mother F 4 SBT

Aurora is retired and doing great !


If you would like to see my breeders go to the breeder page.

Aurora is my F 4 SBT Bengal now retired. I kept one of her daughters ( sassy)

Bengals are loving and do well with other pets, a wonderful breed to have in your home.



Updated 7/20/24




Typical F4 SBT Bengal Price


  • SBT'S 1300.00 - 1500.00
  • call for breeder prices


*Kitten pricing is determined by Color, Spots, Marble, Patterns, and Size.

Updated 1/20/2023

A 500.00 dollar holding fee  to hold your new kitten


All kittens will have 2 distemper shots & a health exam before going to their new loving home

This cattery  is PK negative


Good quality Bengals are not inexpensive in that you may find lower prices but, you get what you pay for. As a breeder, I invest a lot of time and money in raising each of these high-quality kittens.